Fantasy Sports with NFTs

Company type: B2C Investment: €2M Equity: 20% Market: US Investment type: Investment

A next-generation fantasy sports company, powered by fintech. They have already been backed financially and strategically by betting industry veterans. With staff based in the US and Ireland, their innovative approach to daily fantasy sports seeks to avoid the customary set and modernise models which have been implemented by traditional market incumbents. Instead, opting for a new model that leverages proprietary sports trading algorithms to facilitate live in-game trading of athlete-based shares, thus financialising sports betting & embracing a new age of sports-based investing. The target is US based sports fans, predominately male, and aged between 20-40. The company has exclusive rights to distribution of Rugby NFTs at a global level via a major rugby and media corporation. US rugby will be one of the first major sports targeted given their competitive advantage in the space. They will also target other major sports such as the NFL, NBA, EPL, and PGA. Following a successful US launch we will look to capitalise on the broader global rugby opportunity along with a number of other high growth sports such as Indian cricket.


Desired investment and equity offered:
· Looking to raise Series A – €10-€15m for 20% equity.
· Alternatively, looking at a €2 Million SAFE with 20% discount with flexibility to finalise terms.