Senior Gaming Systems Engineer (Rust Developer)

Back Ref: VAC - 10268 Information Technology Malta

I am working with an ambitious and successful gaming company in Malta who are embarking on designing and building a new gaming system and they are seeking talented, experienced developers who are interested in learning and working with the latest technologies. If you love writing efficient code, take pride in coding with discipline and standards, and have proven experience in building distributed, scalable solutions then this role might be for you.

As part of the role, you will be given an opportunity to learn how to develop code in Rust, a modern, safe and multi-paradigm programming language designed for performance and safety, especially safe concurrency.

• You will participate in the full SDLC of a fresh new project and will be expected to contribute your skills and talents across the entire lifecycle.
• You will analyse requirements, break them down into technical deliverables and work alone or with your team members on delivering them.
• You will be expected to learn how to program proficiently in Rust, a modern systems programming language chosen for the platform
• You will design and write code that is secure, documented and testable.
• You will review code and collaborate with the team
• You will provide technical guidance and mentorship to other members of the team as needed
• You will work closely other technology and product teams, creating exciting and novel new technology and features for players
• You are expected to write code with scale, stability and decoupling in mind.

Key Skills and Experience:
• 5+ years’ experience in systems programming, possibly in other languages (C, C++, C#, Java…)
• Have experience with advanced data structures and algorithms
• Secure coding practices
• Debugging, profiling and performance optimization skills
• Multithreaded programming knowledge essential, with exposure to modern concurrent paradigms such as async/await
• Experience in network programming
• Experience in building solutions that make use of technologies such as Kafka
• Ideally you will have built solutions that use either relational and NoSQL databases (or both) in the past
• Ability to work in a fast paced and dynamic environment
• Knowledge of WASM is a welcome bonus
• Experience with working with containers (eg containerd, Docker) would be a bonus.

Kevin Rafferty