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Exacta Solutions offers a range of professional services, all backed by our extensive management experience, and all aiming to bring the right people together to enable businesses to flourish.

Recruitment - Permanent & Contract

Our founders’ background in recruitment and involvement with the challenging online gaming sector makes Exacta the best choice to fulfil your recruitment needs. In addition to regular recruitment our wide-ranging professional network allows us to offer C-level search and headhunting.

If you’re a professional looking for a new role, we’ll put in the effort to get to know you, your skills and preferences, in order to find you the perfect position while maintaining confidentiality.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

If you’re looking to sell your company, acquire another company or simply raise investment for new growth, you need to approach the right people with the right offer.

Over the years, Exacta’s founders have built up a vast network of professional contacts, particularly within the online gaming sector. This network helps us to set up the introductions you need to make things happen.

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B2B introductions and referrals

When you’re starting a company, you need to find and choose many service providers, from company setup and licensing, through legal advice, accounting and tax affairs, to office or residential space, and not forgetting technology such as communications and web presence.

Our combined experience as managers and directors and broad network of associates means we can refer you to the right people and companies in all these fields, helping you to minimise delays and avoid the sharks.

Consulting & outsourcing for key internal functions

Sometimes it makes sense, practically and financially, to outsource certain internal company functions, rather than recruit and employ specialist staff. And at other times a company simply needs an injection of expertise.

Exacta is constantly strengthening its team with new consultants, each an expert in their respective field. We currently offer expertise in human resources, compliance, anti-money laundering, risk management, and non-executive directorships.

Bringing people together