25 Feb 2021

Explaining Employment Gaps when Applying for your next iGaming role

From raising young kids, dealing with family illnesses, and unexpected job layoffs to taking sabbaticals to return to education or travel the world, there are many reasons behind an employment gap on your CV.

In many industries, an employment gap can make little difference in how you approach your return to the job market. However, in iGaming, even the shortest of absences can see drastic shifts in the industry. Over the span of a few months, the iGaming sector is prone to see significant changes in market regulation, player acquisition and retention strategies, transitions to new digital platforms, and in many other facets. As iGaming is a dynamic industry that’s constantly in flux, it’s no wonder that any gap in your resume could potentially set a candidate back when they are preparing to return to a previous role in the industry. This is especially true within top-level managerial positions.

That said, all hope is definitely not lost. With the right attitude, preparation and mind set, any candidate can stand out among iGaming recruiters and land the job of their dreams. Here are our top tips to explaining employment gaps when applying for your next role in the iGaming world.

Be honest with the recruiter

Most recruiters are aware that life happens. So there’s no need to feel shame or embarrassment about periods of unemployment. If asked about the gap on your CV, be upfront and honest about the situation. If you’ve already made it to the interview stage, there was clearly something about your profile that stood out for the recruiter to want to call you in. So have confidence in the skills and life experience you have to offer. Being honest will only help your case by showing that you’re a person of integrity. Conversely, if you lie, you may get caught out, which would be much more detrimental to your chances at securing the job than any unemployment gap.

Prepare an answer and don’t overshare

While honesty is certainly the best policy, there’s no need to overshare. Going into lengthy personal details about any hardships or personal upsets you may have faced during your unemployment spell will likely make the situation uncomfortable for everyone involved. Keep your answer brief, to the point, and professional. A great way to achieve this is to prepare an answer ahead of the interview in case it comes up. Not only will this help you organise your thoughts, it will make you come across as a more confident candidate. A well-honed, practiced answer can also help you be more tactical by showcasing vital skills gained during your time away from the office, which leads us on to the next point.

Highlight new skills learned

Every life experience offers us new lessons. Even though you may have been unemployed, in all likelihood you will have picked up valuable soft skills which can be applied to the job you are applying for. These could range from becoming a master organiser after raising a hectic household to thinking on your feet and adapting to unknown situations when travelling in far-flung countries. Reflect on the underlying value of these skills to the job at hand. Where possible, offer concrete examples to illustrate how you have previously applied these skills in real-life situations. Weave your answers into a convincing case as to why your unemployment experience actually makes you a stronger, all-rounded individual who is ideal for the role.

Show how you kept up to date with the industry

Just because you weren’t working directly in the industry for a period of time, this doesn’t mean you weren’t keeping up to date with all its goings-on. Are there any insider blogs, news sites or mailing lists you follow to keep abreast of industry trends? Are you aware of any significant events or developments that greatly affected the iGaming world while you were away? Be sure to take note and bring these conversation topics up with the recruiter. Take it one step further and explain your thoughts and takes behind such events. This will go a long way to show your genuine interest in the gaming industry, that there’s a real passion fueling your desire for the role. Online courses and upskill workshops are also great examples of ways to show the recruiter that you were doing something work-related and keeping your skills current while you weren’t employed in the industry.

Take a step back in order to move forward | Exacta SolutionsBe prepared to take a step back in order to move forward

At times, we all need to be prepared to downgrade our job position slightly in order to move forward and thrive. Naturally, this can be a difficult pill to swallow, especially after you’ve worked hard to reach a certain level in your career. However, the iGaming industry moves at such a fast pace that even a mere six-month absence can mean drastic changes in the knowledge and skill sets required for certain roles. This shouldn’t give you cause to be disheartened. Applying for and accepting job positions that will allow you to work up towards your previous position is a great opportunity to get up to speed and brush up on your skills, meaning you’ll be all the more ready for that eventual promotion. Thankfully, the iGaming industry is continuously opening up new opportunities for career advancement. With a bit of graft and dedication, there’s plenty of potential for you to retain your previous job level in a short while.

No matter your employment situation, Exacta Solutions can offer candidates expert advice to apply for your next iGaming job. Browse our  job listings and get in touch with us today to discuss your ideal role.