16 May 2022

5 Biggest Pros Of Working For A Smaller Company

benefits of working in a small company | Exacta Solutions

Roles with a small business can prove invaluable for candidates looking to gain skills, knowledge, and experience as they work towards more senior positions.

For any young professional looking to make an impact within their industry of choice, it can be all too tempting to only dream of working with an industry leading company. After all, bigger companies are more likely to employ the best people in their fields, meaning there’ll be more opportunities to learn from the best. A job with a recognised brand is also a great work experience that adds credibility to your CV.

However, the truth of the matter is that working for a bigger company is simply not for everybody. Due to their size, some employees may feel too overwhelmed in these huge teams. They can also feel that their contributions are less likely to be noticed and valued. For these reasons and many others, taking on a role within a smaller company may be more beneficial to their career in the long run. That’s because smaller companies offer a range of unique advantages that bigger companies simply can’t due to their large-scale nature.

If you’re on the fence about applying for a job with a smaller team, then discover five top advantages that working with a smaller company could offer you.

1 – Better opportunities & more visibility

One of the biggest benefits of working with a small company is that they offer new recruits plenty of opportunities to get involved with the business. If you’re willing to get stuck in and contribute, managers are more likely to recognise your hard work and determination, allowing you to take on greater responsibilities. Ultimately, while larger companies may offer more clearly defined roles, smaller companies tend to need a more hands-on approach across a range of projects. This will give you better insight into many other facets of the business that typically lie outside your immediate responsibility. This may also lead you to discover talents and skills you didn’t know you possessed and which would have remained unexplored had you been confined to a more strictly defined job position.

2 – A friendlier atmosphere

Another key advantage of working with a smaller company is they can feel friendlier and more personable. When teams are small, it provides new recruits with better opportunities to get to know everybody. This is especially great for team spirit, where employees can feel their combined efforts are having a significant impact on the success of the business, inspiring them to work even harder towards better outcomes.

Within larger companies that are spread across huge office spaces and different locations, it’s common for employees to feel like just another cog in the machine. The competition within larger businesses will also be that much fiercer, as a greater number of talented individuals all vie for a handful of promotion opportunities. Because of these factors, smaller teams tend to feel more relaxed, with employers looking out for their talent’s personal interests.

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Advantages of small teams | Exacta Solutions3 – More scope to be creative and innovate

Because smaller companies need to get ahead and stand out from their competitors, they usually don’t shy away from taking bold steps or trying out untested ideas. This really provides employees with the space to be creative and try out new solutions, services, or products. Having a greater level of freedom and creativity within a job is proven to add to job satisfaction. Furthermore, when younger employees feel restricted and unable to express their ideas (as is often the case with junior roles in larger firms), this can all too often lead to a sense of frustration and disaffection with the company, which may lead them to seek new employment elsewhere.

4 – Better promotion opportunities

Because the right talent is so integral to the success of any smaller business, management are keener to reward employees who prove themselves. It’s in management’s best interest to see that talented recruits rise through the ranks to take on roles of greater responsibility. This is excellent news for your career progression prospects. With the right mindset, talented candidates have better opportunities to fast-track their career. Moreover, should a business experience a significant bump in its revenue, the company is more likely to share the rewards with the talent that helped them reach this milestone.

Another upshot is that by demonstrating that you have senior level experience in your CV, you’re guaranteed to be a more attractive proposition within the wider job market, which will open up more possibilities of being scouted for new positions in the industry. This could help you climb up the corporate ladder much quicker than is usually expected.

5 – An invaluable entry point into your industry

Even if your ultimate aim is to work for a big company, smaller companies can prove to be excellent entry points into any industry. By working within smaller teams, and actively contributing to the success and growth of that business, you’ll be gaining invaluable experience across all facets of a business, which will ensure you’ll stand out from other candidates.

By working with a small company, you’ll also have more direct contact with management and C-level personnel, which will provide you with first-hand insight into what it means to lead a team, grow a business, and inspire collaboration and productivity. All this will ensure that when you do eventually secure your dream job for a top company, you’ll be better equipped to deal with the challenges and surprises that lie ahead.

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