06 Dec 2021

How To Customise Your CV For Your Dream Job

Customising Your CV | Exacta Solutions

These simple steps will help you tailor a targeted CV with minimal effort.

Let’s face it, compiling your CV is a tedious process. That’s why many candidates are only too happy to send out the same old tired CV along with each job application.

While your CV may be well put together, it may not speak to the specific job you are applying for. That’s why it’s important to tweak your CV to draw the eye of the recruiter and help it stand out from the stacks of CVs cluttering their inbox.

Here are five simple steps to help you create a customised CV that’s set to impress.

1. Match keywords in the job description

Before you even begin tweaking your CV, return to the job description and analyse the verbiage they use closely. Pick out key words and phrases, which they are using in relation to the tasks, experience needed, and responsibilities of the role. When you’re finished you will have a handy list of phrases to sprinkle into your own CV. Pull up your existing CV and see how to weave these phrases into your previous job experiences.

CV Tips | Exacta Solutions2. Stick to the facts

It goes without saying that you should always stick to the facts. If you do not possess certain experience, do not include lies or embellishments. The exercise here is to bring your CV more in line with recruiter’s expectations. If they are looking for a “data driven” candidate with experience in “managing online marketing campaigns”, and you have those specific skillsets, be sure to include similar wording in your copy. It may simply be a case of swapping out a few words here and there. Other times, you may realise you’ve forgotten to include key experience which will help you land that important initial interview.

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3. Find other areas of commonality with the company

Besides the job description, it’s also good to check out the company’s website, especially if they have a careers page. Look into the company culture, their vision, mission statement, charitable initiatives, and more. This will help you get a feel for the company and find ways to better align your CV to their expectations.

Think about your own personal accomplishments, creative endeavours, or volunteering experience, which you can include in your CV under the relevant sections. This additional info will help your CV resonate with the company’s values. And in the eventuality of an interview, these details might prove to be good conversation starters to help you establish more of an authentic connection with the employer.

how to customize resume for each position | Exacta Solutions4. Update your professional summary

Most CVs today include an opening professional summary. This is perhaps the easiest section to update and will score you points if you can grab the recruiter’s attention immediately. Go back to the job description. Think about how to craft an opening statement that is in line with the employer’s ideal candidate. Again, it’s not about lying or telling half-truths. This is the space for you to really sell yourself and show your passion for wanting this specific job (as opposed to any other job available on the market).

Generally speaking, your opening statement should give the recruiter an idea of who you are, what you can offer in the role, and your career ambitions. You can also inject a bit of personality into the statement to help it stand out.

5. Remove irrelevant info

Your CV should be clear and concise. Gone are the days when CVs were expected to be pages and pages long. Most recruiters will groan in frustration when they are confronted with a CV that exceeds more than two or three pages. That’s why it’s essential to cherry-pick your most relevant work experience for the job at hand. That waitering job that helped you pay your way through university may not be so relevant if you’re applying for a computer programmer position.

Over and above individual jobs, look into the experience you are listing underneath each position. Make sure to de-clutter any irrelevant info. Not only will this lend your CV more clarity, but it will also help your most valid skills and expertise really shine.

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